Discover the Exquisite Brews: 9 Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Medellín, Colombia

Must-Visit Coffee Shops

Colombian coffee has definitely made an impression in many countries as a premium coffee, for its rich taste and quality of coffee bean. When you are visiting Medellin, Colombia, you’ll find their coffee shops will be swarming with fans for the delicious dark drink. In case you don’t know which coffee shops to try, we made a list of the best that we have found:

The best coffee shops in Medellin:

  • Juan Valdez
  • El Café de Otraparte
  • Pergamino Café
  • Amati Café
  • Rituales
  • Café Velvet Medellin
  • Café Zeppelin
  • Al Alma Coffee Roasters
  • Desarolladores de Cafe

Whether you like your coffee black or with milk and sugar, after reading about these shops you will  definitely know which ones might give you that coffee fix you are looking for. After all, Colombia is the third largest producer in the world of coffee, so they really know their stuff.

Juan Valdez

Juan Valdezcoffee shops are most comparable to Starbucks in the United States, and can be found in nearly every shopping mall in every major city throughout Colombia. The company is in fact seeking to be a dominant coffee company around the globe to promote Colombian coffee.

Their success comes from always having a great cup of coffee, and they have a reliable taste and quality their customers have come to expect. Their coffee shops are kept clean and they have solid wi-fi so you can enjoy some coffee and still accomplish some work or social media time. They also have a variety of pastries you can indulge in, if you find yourself hungry.

El Café de Otraparte

You will find El Café de Otraparte within the property of the Casa Museo Otraparte, which is a museum. This café has a very beautiful setting, with manicured grounds boasting a variety of plant and water features. So not only will you enjoy the coffee, but the ambiance and scenery too, as most of the seating is outdoors. They also host a few local coffee events that share the history of coffee in Colombia.  

They serve an excellent cup of coffee here, but they also serve a variety of other food and drinks. You can get hot or cold coffee, tea, ice cream, beer, wine or cocktails. Food options range greatly as well, such as sandwiches, empanadas or a variety of tapas plates.

Pergamino Café

For four decades the Pergamino Café has been owned by the same family, who pride themselves on their brewing history and love for Colombian coffee. They truly are dedicated to the coffee experience, and they are an independent café making a mark in Medellin with three different locations.

Pergamino has indoor and outdoor seating, both of which you will find a really inviting atmosphere and friendly staff to welcome you. They offer a variety of coffee drinks that are sometimes hard to find in other areas of Medellin. You’ll also find a good sampling of food offerings for breakfast or brunch.

Amati Café

Amati Café has taken a claim to serving only 100% Colombian coffee that is grown and roasted by the own company. Their coffee line has also been branded as a Specialty Coffee for it’s high quality taste by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. There are many who rave about this coffee, how rich and delicious it tastes.

They have a large, very modern shop that is designed with all of Colombian’s culture in mind. This is not just a coffee shop, they have an enormous kitchen that prepares, or caters in, all kinds of foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Coffee by day, wine bar by night, so you can also enjoy your favorite cocktails and drinks.


Not only does Rituales sell Colombian coffee, but they take it one step closer to home, by brewing their coffee with beans grown right in Medellin. Straight from the hillsides of the La Sierra neighborhood, Rituales gives back to their community be keeping things local. Not to mention the beans are very high quality, and their staff is ready to make you feel right at home and teach you all about the local coffee ways. This café is truly a gem and an exceptional find when people stumble upon it, or if they are lucky enough to be told about it from friends.

Rituales is a small coffee shop, and doesn’t boast an elaborate décor. They focus on their coffee and exceptional customer service. They are proud of their “tinto” that they serve and believe there is a special way to make it just right. Besides their variety of coffee, they offer a selection of baked goods and sandwiches that will satisfy.

 Café Velvet Medellin

Café Velvet is actually a Belgian owned coffee shop, and it’s a newer shop on Poblado’s Via Primavera neighborhood. The café is designed with bright colors and fronts a glass display of Belgian chocolates and French pastries to get customers attention to come inside. The café has a warm feel with natural sunlight beaming from the skylights, which is very inviting and modern.

The drink menu includes some delightful cold and hot coffee options, plus your add-ons of juice, tea, and even beer for later in the day. You’ll be impressed with the coffee, but don’t forget to try all the Belgian goodness in their chocolate desserts, pastries, or hot drinks.

Café Zeppelin

With some of the best outdoor seating options, Café Zeppelin attracts a large crowd who loves a great atmosphere and vibe to enjoy their cup of joe. Their décor is also unique in its own way, which always gives people something extra to talk about. This place does not provide a lot of power outlets, however, so it’s a better place for socializing in groups or with friends.

Café Zeppelin has a great selection of food and drinks, and their coffee is also pretty good. The food is also tasty, and there’s a variety of sandwich and typical deli-style options, plus sausage plates and dessert options too. The café is German-owned, so there is a little bit of the German culture in the food and drinks.

Al Alma Coffee Roasters

Al Alma is one of the few cafés that roast their coffee beans in Medellin, so they are supporting the local market and coffee culture of Colombia. They are considered a chain, however, with a few different locations throughout Medellin.

Al Alma is known for having a great cup of coffee, but they also have a fantastic selection of food offerings for brunch, from eggs Benedict to yogurt and granola. The brunch menu is offered every day, and it is delicious and will satisfy any appetite.

Desarolladores de Café

Desarolladores de Café is owned by a German man who always had a dream of opening his own café. The owner learned all about roasting coffee and started five coffee farms in Colombia to grow, roast and sell all local. He has made a name for himself among the community and the coffee arena within Colombia.

The Desarolladores de café has a very upbeat vibe and atmosphere. This café serves vegan food, so it has its own niche as well for food options. However, you must go to this café for their coffee. They stop at nothing to serve the best-tasting coffee, and many will say that they have met that goal.

The staff at the café will also be delighted to explain what they do and how they make such a delicious cup of coffee. They have a variety of coffee beans to choose from, and you can actually have them make it from scratch with whichever bean you wish. So though they are last on the list, they are certainly not least and should be visited next time you are in Medellin.

Hopefully, this list of coffee cafés will pique your interest in one or two. While everyone likes their coffee a little differently, some sweeter than others, some creamier, etc., most people can agree to a rich taste or coffee flavor that’s undeniable no matter what you mix into your coffee. Check some of these cafes out and decide for yourself.

Related Questions:

What is the best coffee in Colombia?

While it’s difficult to pick a brand or company of coffee that would be considered “best”, as that answer is rather subjective. But two of the top-selling are Don Pablo Gourmet coffee and Juan Valdez coffee.

What is Pergamino coffee?

Pergamino coffee is a company brand of coffee that specializes in growing coffee beans in small farms throughout Colombia and packages the beans to be delivered as fresh as possible.

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